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Very Impressed

John Cassisi was referred to us by a family member who since his accident in 2007 has moved to another state and to this day he speaks very highly of Mr. Cassisi and his staff. Our son was hit by a car while crossing the street, right in front of our house. As a result of the accident, my son had a fractured left wrist. It was the most traumatic experience for anyone who has children. We called Mr. Cassisi right away and he came to our home on Sunday! He sat down with us and explained our rights and what we have to do to make sure that we will be compensated for this accident. He was so attentive, especially with my 7-year-old child. His staff was super accommodating when scheduling office visits taking into consideration that my son was in school during the day. Only after one year, we received a substantial settlement and we couldn’t be happier with the professionalism and kindness of Mr., Cassisi and his staff.

– L.A., Prior Client

Thank You!!

I tripped and fell down the stairs in my apartment building because of a broken step. The landlord’s insurance company said they were not at fault at all. Mr. Cassisi and his expert engineer proved that the landlord was liable because they knew about the problem and, in fact, had tried to patch up the steps approximately 1 year before my accident. Thank you, Mr. Cassisi and your staff for all the personal attention to win my case which resulted in a $175,000 settlement.

– F.L., Prior Client

You are the best!

John Cassisi I thank you so much for all your dedication and personal attention when dealing with my case. I received a substantial settlement even though I never thought I could and because of that, I was able to make my kid’s dreams come true. You are the best!

– A.G., Prior Client

Nothing But Professional & Dedicated

In 2008 I had a terrible accident where a ceiling fell on top of me when I was working and as a result of that accident, my leg was broken in a couple of places and I had missed a lot of time from work. A friend of mine gave me John Cassisi’s number and I had called him the same day. He immediately came to visit me in the hospital and since then he has been nothing more but professional, dedicated, and very attentive to me and the progress of the lawsuit. I had very low hopes for this lawsuit since several people told me the insurance company for the building would not want to pay since they clearly did not take the blame for the accident. Fortunately, because of Mr. Cassisi’s expert’s testimony and my lawyer’s substantial knowledge of Labor Laws, he was able to obtain a very high settlement of almost $250,000! To this day, I am so grateful for his help and how his staff would answer every little question I had throughout the case. They were so professional, polite, and understanding. Thank you again!

– J.R., Prior Client

Best Attorney Around

The Cassisi Law Firm was recommended to me by my brother-in-law. What a great experience. The attorney and staff were so attentive, thoughtful, and most importantly returned every one of my many phone calls throughout the span of my case! You guys are the best!!

– A.L, Prior Client

Very Happy

I highly recommend The Cassisi Law Firm to anyone who wants to win a case! I was in a car accident a few years ago and it took them only a year and a half to settle my case. They really were so attentive and communicated so well with me, by giving me case updates on a monthly basis and took care of my disability paperwork that had to be filed with my employer. I am so happy that I had found John Cassisi and his staff!

– S.A., Prior Client

Exceeded My Expectations

About two years ago my life was in turmoil over my husband’s death as a result of a car accident, which occurred right in front of our home. I was left with two little children and no one to turn to for help until I came across The Cassisi Law Firm while walking to the supermarket. Walking through their door and explaining my current situation, made me realize that there are good people out there and Mr. Cassisi is on top of that list. Everyone at that office was so compassionate and helpful. They answered my every question and educated me on so many things connected with pursuing a lawsuit. I never expected to be compensated $1.5 million dollars, but yes it did happen! Thank you to everyone at The Cassisi Law Firm!

– A.L., Prior Client

Professional & Kind

Mr. Cassisi’s was recommended to our family by an owner of a neighborhood business because we needed a consultation as a result of my wife tripping and falling over a wet cardboard box in front of a local supermarket. My wife, Anna, was in excruciating pain and later, discovered at the hospital, that she fractured her hip. After a lengthy investigation by Mr. Cassisi, and with his advice we decided to pursue the case. Not only did we receive a great amount of money of almost $700K, but we gained the most professional and kind attorney and friend for life. Since then, Mr. Cassisi and his staff helped us with other personal matters and we would never go anywhere else. Thank you!

– J.P., Prior Client

Forever Grateful

First and foremost, I would like to say that John Cassisi is the most dedicated attorney, who will always be available to speak to his clients, day or night. His staff makes sure to answer all the questions and resolve any necessary issues that clients have. I was one of those clients, who needed assistance. I was walking on a street and slipped on ice in the driveway of an apartment building. As soon as I was taken to the ER, I was told I need surgery to rebuild my fractured ankle. Throughput the entire process of my recovery and my case afterward, Mr. Cassisi was guiding me and I trust his opinions and how we should proceed. His professionalism and expertise in personal injury law produced a great outcome of more than half a million dollars, for which I am and will be grateful for the rest of my life.

– JP.P., Prior Client

Highly Recommend

Mr. Cassisi represented me in connection with my head-on type car accident. My auto was totally destroyed and the other insurance company would not pay for my car damages because they “claimed” I could not prove who cross over the double yellow lines. They would not pay for my injuries because they said I made a wonderful recovery. Mr. Cassisi and his legal team fought hard and proved that the other driver was 100% at fault for causing the accident. I was paid for my car and received over $150,000 for my injuries. I could not be happier with The Cassisi Law Firm. They got the case completed in less than 2 years. Thank you!

– M.L., Prior Client

They Can Change Your Life!

Everyone should know that The Cassisi Law Firm is the best law firm around. About a year and a half ago I tripped and fell while on the staircase inside a commercial building. I had to have shoulder surgery, after which I wasn’t able to go back to work for a very long time. This wonderful law firm was referred to me by one of my friends and I am so happy I took her advice. John Cassisi and his staff were so accommodating throughout my case. I owe them my life because getting in contact with them gave me an opportunity to return to my normal life and obtain a substantial award in the amount of $350K! I would tell everyone, go and see John Cassisi, he can change your life!

– F.R, Prior Client


Is Our Main Priority

Unlike other law firms, at The Cassisi Law Firm you are not just a case file. You are a person, and we will fight until you receive the full amount of compensation you deserve.