Personal InjuryCommon Causes of Spinal Injuries in Personal Injury Cases

November 5, 20230

The spinal column is made up of bones and discs that protect the spinal cord. Since the spinal cord is responsible for coordinating reflexes, sending sensory information from the body to the brain, and sending motor commands from the brain to the body, any injuries to it or the surrounding spinal column can have devastating effects. These types of injuries are often due to the action of another, in which case you can sue for compensation for present and future damages. So, what causes spinal injuries?

Motor Vehicle Accidents

These types of accidents are the most common cause of spinal injuries. Motor vehicle accidents  cause damage due to collisions, rollovers, a sudden change of speed and direction, and the forces the body experiences as they happen.

The severity and type of injury depend on several factors, including the speed of the vehicles involved, the point of impact or contact, and what happened after the accident, such as a passenger getting impaled.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are catastrophic due to the rider not having the protection vehicle occupants typically do. This lack of protection can be especially devastating if they are hit by a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed.

Motorcyclists should take measures to protect themselves, such as wearing protective gear, slowing down, and always being aware of what is happening around them. Even with these measures, they might still get into accidents that lead to spinal injuries. If another party was negligent and caused the accident, they can sue for damages. When doing this, they should consider how their life has changed and the future difficulties they will encounter due to their injuries.

Falls from Height

Some industries, such as construction, require workers to routinely work on high platforms. Falling from these platforms can lead to severe traumatic spinal injuries. Their severity depends on the height from which the worker fell, and if they hit an object when they landed.

These accidents get much worse if they lead to additional issues, such as broken bones or traumatic brain injuries. There is a significant likelihood that those injured this way might not be able to return to work, making it crucial that they talk to their attorneys to seek compensation.

A case from one becomes more straightforward if the person’s employee, supervisor, or manager did not provide personal protective equipment and adequate training that would have kept them safe.

Acts of Violence

Violence can also lead to spinal injuries, especially in the case of knife attacks and gunshot wounds. The perpetrator can be charged criminally and held liable civilly. Both cases can happen simultaneously depending on the jurisdiction, and you can file a lawsuit even if the criminal case does not result in a conviction.

Different causes of spinal injuries cause different types of damage. In some cases, the victim might require months of rehabilitation, while they may suffer partial or permanent paralysis in others. They change the victims’ lives in irreversible ways, making it imperative that they seek compensation if their injuries are due to the actions, carelessness, or negligence of others.

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