Pedestrian Accidents10 Reasons Why NYC Pedestrian Accidents Occur

March 30, 20210

Unfortunately, pedestrians are involved in accidents daily in New York City. With so many people condensed in such a geographically small city, it’s easy to believe that people get hurt on NYC streets regularly.

Here are 10 reasons why New York City pedestrian accidents occur:

#1 – Distractions

Distracted driving is the number one cause of car accidents in the United States. If you’re driving at a rate of 30 miles per hour (mph), you’ll travel nearly 10 feet (ft) in just two seconds. At an intersection, the difference of 10 ft can mean stopping safely before the white line or driving into a busy intersection with crossing pedestrians.

#2 – Intoxication

When drivers get behind the wheel while intoxicated, serious consequences can result, especially for pedestrians. Vehicles protect drivers, but pedestrians have no body armor to protect them against rogue cars.

#3 – Impatience

New Yorkers should be used to waiting. Waiting is an everyday part of life in the big city. Pedestrians have the right of way in NYC, but not all drivers act as if they do. Impatient drivers who don’t take the time to look for pedestrians in intersections or attempt to drive around pedestrians in crosswalks cause accidents involving foot-travelers.

#4 – Recklessness

Both drivers and pedestrians can act recklessly, which can easily lead to accidents. A driver who fails to keep an eye out for pedestrians or neglects to obey traffic laws at crosswalks can be a serious hazard to street-walkers.

#5 – Unfavorable Weather Conditions

Slippery roads as a result of rain, snow, or ice can make stopping and slowing down tricky for drivers. Additionally, slippery sidewalks and crosswalks can cause pedestrians to lose their balance and fall into a driving lane with an oncoming vehicle. Rainy conditions can cause motorists to hydroplane into crosswalks, and icy streets can cause cars to jump the curb. Always use added caution when traveling in inclement weather.

#6 – Wearing Dark Clothes at Night

Pedestrian accidents tend to increase during the evening since it’s more difficult for drivers to identify them effectively. It’s wise for pedestrians walking at night to wear light-colored clothing and bring a flashlight to use while you’re crossing the street. Similarly, drivers should be extra diligent in looking for pedestrians at night.

#7 – Road Work

Road work can cause major headaches for drivers and pedestrians alike. Street construction often forces pedestrians to walk in areas that they wouldn’t normally be. Drivers in construction zones should be very careful and alert to avoid causing pedestrian accidents.

#8 – Drivers Turning Left

Pedestrians need to be mindful of drivers turning left because the drivers may not be paying attention to the crosswalk since they are trying to judge when turning left is safe from oncoming traffic. Similarly, drivers should take the extra time necessary to ensure pedestrians are out of the crosswalk before executing a left turn.

#9 – Multi-Lane and Arterial Roads

These roads can have a lot going on at once, and drivers may not be thinking to look out for pedestrians since these roadways don’t typically have many intersections and crosswalks. Pedestrians should be extra diligent about safety when crossing these large roads.

#10 – Running Red Lights

Most drivers understand that running red lights is extremely dangerous for anyone nearby, so most people try to avoid this behavior. However, some people may not be paying attention to the road and run red lights by accident. Doing so can have severe consequences for any pedestrians in the vehicle’s path.

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