Pedestrian AccidentsPedestrian Accident Statistics

March 30, 20210

Unfortunately, in New York City, pedestrian accidents are a common part of life. However, if more drivers and walkers understand how serious the issue is, the more likely everyone is to think twice before making risky decisions on the streets.

Here are some essential pedestrian accident statistics you should know:

More Than 300 People Die Each Year

In New York, there is an average of 312 fatalities as a result of pedestrian accidents. That means 1.6 of every 100,000 New Yorkers lose their lives due to pedestrian accidents.

Men and Seniors Are More Likely to Die in Pedestrian Accidents

The fatality rates for vehicle-related pedestrian injuries are highest for males and New Yorkers aged 65 and above.

The Number of Pedestrian Fatalities Has Increased in Recent Years

From 2007 to 2016, the pedestrian fatality rate jumped 27% in the U.S.

Pedestrians Are Likely to Survive Getting Hit At Slow Speeds

If a car is traveling at a rate of 19 miles per hour (mph) or less, a pedestrian has a 90% chance of surviving if he or she gets hit. However, if a pedestrian gets hit by a car traveling at a rate of 40 mph, the walker has an 80% chance of losing his or her life.

Distractions Cause a Lot of Pedestrian Accidents

Distractions are the third leading cause of pedestrian fatalities in the U.S. The primary reason drivers are distracted is because they are using electronic devices.

Most Pedestrian Fatalities Occur at Night

The majority—74%—of pedestrians in the U.S. who lose their lives in accidents are struck during the night. What’s more, 72% of those who lose their lives are not crossing at intersections.

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