Pedestrian Accidents4 of the Most Dangerous Parts of NYC for Pedestrians

March 30, 20210

It’s no secret that you have to watch your back while walking the New York City streets. As a New Yorker, you know how fast-paced this city is. You have to constantly stay on your toes if you want to make it here.

In the city that never sleeps, pedestrians have to be alert at all times. More than a quarter of all traffic-related injuries and fatalities in NYC are suffered by pedestrians.

But where exactly in the city are pedestrians at the highest risk of getting hit by a car? Read on to learn more about the data, which has been compiled from the New York City Police Department’s database (NYPD).

#1 – Brooklyn

About one-third, 33.2%, of all pedestrian accidents in NYC happen in the Brooklyn borough.

#2 – Queens

Queens is next up. This borough accounts for 24.98% of the traffic-related pedestrian injuries and fatalities in NYC.

#3 – Manhattan

The Manhattan borough is a close third at a rate of 21%.

#4 – The Bronx

The Bronx is also dangerous for those on foot since 17.3% of all pedestrian accidents occur there.

The Safest New York Borough for Pedestrians

On the other hand, Staten Island sees the lowest pedestrian accident rate in the region at just 4%.

New York Boroughs With the Most Pedestrian Fatalities

In NYC, the boroughs that experience the highest rate of deadly pedestrian-related accidents are Brooklyn and Queens. Both boroughs have similar rates of pedestrian fatalities.

  • In 2018, both Brooklyn and Queens reported 35 pedestrian deaths.
  • Conversely, Manhattan and Bronx tend to experience fewer pedestrian fatalities. In 2018, there were 17 pedestrian deaths in Manhattan and 15 in the Bronx.

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