Personal Injury4 Warning Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

April 24, 20230

Nursing home neglect is unfortunately a very common occurrence in the US, so being aware of the warning signs for neglect is essential if your loved one is in care. This can be a very upsetting time and it is made harder if your loved one is unaware of the neglect they are facing. The best way to deal with nursing home neglect is to speak to a trusted attorney who can help you build a case.

Weight Loss

Depending on the reason for your loved one residing in a nursing home, weight loss could be down to negligence or down to medical reasons. It can be difficult to tell when neglect is involved with weight loss, which is why it is important to speak to staff to see if they have a reasonable explanation for the weight loss. Spending time with your loved one during mealtimes is another way to see if they are being given enough food and the help they require to eat.

You can also speak to your loved one and ask them to write down when they are given meals and what they are given if they can.

Poor Medication Management

Nursing home staff are responsible for ensuring that their residents have their medications on time and only take the medications they need. If it’s deemed inappropriate for a resident to have control of their medications due to conditions like dementia, then medications should not be left in their room. You may find that your loved one is becoming increasingly disorientated or sleepy, and this could be caused by the poor management of medication side effects or overdosing.

Poor Hygiene

Poor hygiene is a major sign of nursing home neglect and this can easily be spotted in each visit. If you notice that your loved one’s clothes are dirty, hair is unwashed, or they have a strong body odor or overgrown nails, you should speak to a member of staff immediately. You can also keep an eye out on what the other residents’ hygiene is like, as this will give you a better idea of whether the nursing home staff are neglecting their residents.

Poor hygiene can also lead to an increase in infections such as UTIs (urinary tract infections) or skin problems.

Unsanitary Living Areas

As well as being responsible for the hygiene of their residents, nursing home staff have a duty of care to keep their living areas clean. You may notice that your loved one is sleeping in soiled bedding or there is a bad smell and trash left in their bedroom and in the communal living areas. If you are not sure where to go or how to gather the correct evidence to build a case, you can contact one of our team to get the right help and support.

Nursing home neglect can be subtle in its warning signs but is something that should be taken seriously. If you have any suspicions that your loved one is not receiving the care and support that they need, speak to one of our attorneys today.

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