Truck AccidentsHow Strong Winds Can Cause Truck Accidents

March 31, 20220

As you may know, even the most skilled drivers can have trouble traveling through conditions of high winds.

You see, strong winds can be unpredictable, leaving drivers with very few defenses against these difficult driving conditions.

Keep reading to learn more about how strong winds can lead to truck accidents.

Wind Can Contribute to Rollover Truck Crashes

A rollover truck crash occurs when a large-scale commercial vehicle is overturned, including when a truck rolls over several times as well as when a truck turns over onto one side.

The wind has the potential to cause a truck accident because, even when wind speeds are not particularly strong, they can still impact the way a truck is able to move along the road.

According to the research, “It was found that wind does indeed add to the lateral accelerations experienced by a truck, even when the wind speed is not extreme.“

Tips for Driving in High Winds

If you find yourself near a semi-truck you fear may lose control during high-wind conditions, take additional precautions, such as the following, to help keep you safe:

  • Avoid driving next to a truck for an extended period of time. If passing a truck, do so as quickly and safely as possible.
  • Slow down and turn on your headlights if visibility is lower than normal.
  • Keep both hands stably on the wheel.
  • Keep wind-protected areas in mind. When driving from a wind-protected area to an unprotected area, be sure to prepare to make steering corrections if your car or a nearby truck suddenly moves in an unexpected direction.
  • Look out for items that may blow into the road. It may be easier for a cargo load to loosen and become compromised during strong wind conditions.

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