Child InjuryWho’s At Fault If Your Child is Injured on a Public Playground?

October 11, 20230

When it comes to keeping young kids entertained, there’s nothing quite like heading to the local public playground and letting them run around and have fun. Playground equipment is not only a source of entertainment, but it can be great for their gross motor skills and general activity levels. But as careful of a parent as you may be, there can be dangers that lurk at the public playground. Injuries at the playground aren’t unheard of, but the big question is – who’s at fault?

Here we’ll take a closer look at who is at fault if your child is injured on a public playground. We’ll also explore the steps to take should an injury occur, and some preventative tips that may help your kids avoid injury in the future.

What are the Common Playground Injuries?

Parents never want to think about their kids getting hurt, but injuries are a fact of life. Generally speaking, they tend to be minor cuts and bruises during childhood, but sometimes they can be more serious.

Some of the most common playground injuries can include:

Prevention Can Help Kids Avoid Disaster

Rather than find yourself in the position of having an injured child at the playground, prevention is always the better option. The good news is that parents can take several steps that can help prevent or at least cut down on the number of injuries kids sustain at the playground.

Your children should:

  • Understand the safe use of playground equipment.
  • Wear proper footwear for the playground.
  • Be aware of their surroundings.
  • Avoid running so they can watch where they are going.

As a parent you should:

  • Choose a playground that is right for their age and size.
  • Always supervise playground time.
  • Make sure the playground equipment looks well-maintained.

Determining Fault Isn’t Always Clear Cut

As for the question of who is at fault for your child’s injuries on the public playground, it can get pretty involved. Is the playground equipment faulty or are the necessary safeguards missing? Is there negligence involved?

It’s for these reasons you need to be careful and take the necessary steps after an injury occurs. Getting medical attention is always the priority but be sure to also take photos of the playground and any potentially faulty equipment. You will also need to obtain your child’s medical report of their injury and take plenty of photos of their injuries. If there is a case to be built, evidence will be needed that helps prove the fault of another party or entity.

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