Child InjuryPublic Swimming Pools: How to Keep Children Safe

September 20, 20230

The long hot days of summer are what many look forward to all year round. Enjoying the great outdoors and soaking up the sun is a fabulous way to spend your free time. But along with those hot and humid days comes the desire to beat the heat, and there’s no better way than a swimming pool. Taking the kids to a public swimming pool is a favorite activity for many families, giving everyone a chance to cool off and have some fun in the process. However, for all the fun that public swimming pools offer there can still be dangers involved.

Here’s a look at some of the best ways to keep your kids safe when visiting a public swimming pool.

Be Sure They Swim Where You Can See Them

While public pools have lifeguards on duty, it’s still important that you as a parent have eyes on your children at all times. Whether you are in the water next to them, or sitting at the edge of the pool, you need to stay alert and know where they are. This needs to be a spoken rule before kids even get in the water, letting them know you need a clear line of sight.

Stick to the Shallow End

Sure, the deep end can be lots of fun but it also poses risks. If your child isn’t a strong swimmer, then they shouldn’t be in the deep end without your supervision – swimming alongside them. Even kids that are confident swimmers can start to get tired in the deep end, so it’s wise to stick to the shallow end.

No Running on the Pool Deck

You hear parents yelling it out all the time – no running around the pool – and there’s good reason for it. Pool decks are notorious for being slippery, which means the risk of falling is quite high. Because pool decks have hard surfaces, often made from concrete, stone, and brick, they can cause serious injuries should your child fall.

No Diving in Shallow Water

The public pool should always state the water depth to ensure that people don’t dive or jump into areas that are too shallow. Discuss where it’s safe and unsafe to dive into the water at a public pool, keeping in mind the rules of the pool. Signs should also be posted at the pool regarding diving, so you know if it’s permissible or not.

Keep the Wrestling and Horseplay at Home

Kids are notorious for wrestling and horseplay with one another, and while that may be fun at home the pool isn’t the place for that behavior. What seems harmless could lead to injury in the pool, and even drowning.

Wear a Personal Flotation Device

It doesn’t matter what age your child is, wearing a personal flotation device – a lifejacket – is a fabulous layer of safety at the public pool. You know their head will be kept above the water and they will be safe.

Public pools can get pretty busy with a lot of commotion going on. Unless you are right next to your child, it can be hard to have your eyes on them at all times. A lifejacket helps to provide peace of mind and protection.

Don’t Allow Yourself to Be Distracted

Distractions surround you daily, and sometimes it’s hard to avoid getting pulled in. If you’re at a public pool, watching your kids swim, it’s important not to give in. This isn’t the time to be distracted by your phone, in a conversation with someone else at the pool, reading a book, and so forth.

Ask Kids to Get Out of the Water If You Can’t Watch Them

If you’re unable to watch your children, perhaps you need to step away and use the washroom facilities, kids must get out of the water. Have them wait on the pool deck until you return, or even better, have them go with you.

Enrol Kids in Swimming Lessons – Teach Them the Basics

The final tip is all about prevention. Preventing a potential drowning is the best way to keep kids safe at the public pool. This can be done by enrolling kids in swimming lessons from a young age. They don’t have to take lessons through all the levels, but rather just enough to learn the basics so they are comfortable in the water.

By enrolling kids in swimming lessons they will learn:

  • How to float on their back
  • How to hold their breath underwater
  • How to safely get in and out of the water
  • How to get to shallow water
  • What to do if they fall into the water
  • How to swim from one side of the pool to the other
  • How to tread water

Being Safe and Cautious Isn’t Always Enough

While these safety tips may seem straightforward and your kids always make sure to follow them, sometimes it’s still not enough. Accidents and personal injury can happen and your child may become a victim. So what happens if your child has suffered a personal injury at a public swimming pool thanks to the negligence of another person or party? This is when you need experienced legal representation to fight for your rights, which is exactly what we do at The Cassisi Law Firm.

Here at The Cassisi Law Firm, we have plenty of experience when it comes to personal injuries sustained at public swimming pools due to negligent property owners or another negligent party. We know the questions to ask, what is considered “fair compensation”, and how to best represent your child so that you win the case. As for what compensation may be used for, it can include current medical bills as well as future medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

We know that you’re focused on helping your child recover, so let us take care of the rest. Keep in mind that a pool property owner must keep the premises safe and free of hazards. If they have failed to do so, you could have a strong claim.

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