Child InjuryHow to Cope If Your Child is Seriously Injured While at a Nursery

July 29, 20230

The last thing you expect as a parent when you drop your child off at nursery is for them to be seriously injured. There are seemingly infinite protective practices and policies in place to keep kids safe and secure their well-being while they are under the care of trained nursery staff, but incidents do happen regardless. If you are a parent in this position, you will be understandably overwhelmed and even angry. Here’s how to cope.

See a Doctor

Even if the nursery staff carried out first aid strategies for your child and provided aftercare, you still have a responsibility to take them to a doctor either at the hospital or within your local practice. It is always a good idea to get two opinions as well.

Ask for the Official Report

Although you were not there, so you won’t know what happened exactly, you can legally request an incident report from the daycare facility. This should detail the events of the incident and resulting injuries.

Keep a Log

Use this to start your own log about events. Record everything from the first phone call detailing the accident to everything that happens after you have the child back under your care. Take pictures of their injuries and keep track of how it impacts their (and your) life.

Talk to Our Team

This will help when you come and talk to us. Our attorneys will discuss all the details and review the records to determine who is at fault and how to proceed. The emotional toll of a personal injury, especially when it happens to your child, is phenomenal. We will handle your case with the attention that it deserves and with professional integrity.

Determining Who is Liable

There are lots of reasons why a child can become seriously injured at a nursery facility, from slip and fall incidents to outright negligence. It is important to determine who was responsible at the time of the injury, and what preventative steps should have been in place to stop it.

The Most Common Signs of Neglect at Nursery

As a parent, you must be able to spot the most common signs of your child being neglected at daycare. The staff has a duty of care and must adhere to legal standards. If they are taking your child out to a local nature spot, for instance, there must be a designated adult for each pair of children. If this is not the case and a child is injured in a pedestrian accident, they are completely liable for everything that comes after because this is neglecting their duties. Other signs include:

  • Quiet and withdrawn child at pickup
  • Verbal accounts of neglect
  • Visual signs like disheveled appearance
  • Sores and bruises that are not explained
  • Strong smells and a lack of personal hygiene, e.g., around toileting

Coping with your child being seriously injured at nursery is never easy. As a parent, emotions run high, and this will never change. Visit our offices today for a conversation about how to proceed.

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